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XOL Internet Service:
XOL Internet service, is a Free internet place. XOL Team makes it very easy for you to do anything here. XOL is a place for searching stuff, finding stuff, and loving stuff!. A place were it has all your needs even, radios, times , news , weather and a whole lot more! This page is for a guide on being a staff member at XOL. Once you have read through this guide and think you could manage it as a staff member, please read what to do at the bottom.
Being A Staff Member
Being a staff member at XOL Internet, is fun. But to apply to be a staff member here you must have what it takes to be one. That includes, Coming on often, Being nice, and must follow all the rules, Must be nice, Also when your a staff member you are a host in the chatroom and a host on the forums and your a host on the whole site. Your name will be something like e.g UKHostLH, UKHostTB something like that. When hosting on the site you must act in the right style when problems like people swear at you or something like that. You must always take action that includes when in chatroom like surspend people if they be nasty or do something wrong. When your a staff member here you are not allowed to give any details out in chatrooms or anything. You can only give details on your profile. The best part really about being any type of staff member here is having fun and enjoying been here with us.
Jobs I Can Choose From
  • UKAdmin: You can ONLY sign up to be an administrator here with us when we are wanting more admins. If your an admin your name will be something like UKAdminEF, something like that.
  • UKHost:Being a Host really is being a moderator of the WHOLE site. That means when your a moderator you are a host in the forums, chatrooms and message boards and all other community places and your the moderator of the whole site so you can post news and stuff. And moderate the whole site. (Your name will be e.g UKHostDL, UKHostNN.
  • UKHelper: When you are a UKHelper your mostly like a guide and you help people on here. Who need to know stuff and so on. So you can Introduce new XOL Members, and guide people and people ask you questions where to look here to find certain stuff and that. But your only here to help people and chat about stuff and have a fun time. (Your name would be something like UKHelperJW, UKHelperXX.

Staff Member Rules:

Now as you know, everyone has some type of rules in life and most of the time the rules have to be followed for certain reasons.

  •  Responsibility: If you have a job as a UKHost, or a Administrator ypi must make sure that if anyone breaks the site rules when in chatrooms, forums or anywere else on the site you respond to that problem by giving a warning or surspended them for a certain time.
  • Imporant Rules: Now we staff have to follow the rules as well as the normal members, that means no scrolling, swearing or anything what may break the rules. If someone ever swear's or be nasty to you. Never do anything bad back, just take action by warning, kicking, banning. You may give examples to people if people say e.g " What is scrolling?" you may show them. And also you must remind people of the rules now and again to make sure they upto date with everything.

How Do I Become A Staff Member?

If you have fully read the guide to be a site staff well if you want to be a staff member well all you do is click the link below to sign up to be a staff member here and we will get back to you in the next 24 hours telling you key information and we will get one of our XOL Guides to show you around and how to do stuff and train you and pick a name for yourself!. We hope you enjoy your stay here and thank you for reading XOL Staff Member guide.

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